1.  I’ve got that crafty itch.  Want to work with paper.  Want to quilt.  Want to make some things for my house.  Need more time!

2.  Andy is busy preparing for a week-long trial that starts on Monday.  It will be one of the most important trials of his career so far.  He’s been working on this case for over two years.  His client’s fundamental rights are at stake.  I will be praying for him as he undertakes this challenge.

3.  Leo is a goofy dog – but you already knew that.  He’s spent all week carrying around a stuffed fox from J’s room.  He licks it, cuddles it, snuggles with it when the wind blows.  We don’t let him take it outside.  He often stands at the door looking out the window with it in his mouth, longing to take it out and show it his yard.  It is the cutest thing in the world!

4.  I have a hankering for spring.  Actually, for summer.  For green grass, flowers, gardening.  I long for these things as I look out on and drive through a white and grey landscape of snow.  Not that the current landscape isn’t beautiful.  It is.  But the longer I live here the more I think I want a warmer climate.  However, when I think of all the places I could get that I realize I don’t want the urban sprawl, the southern humidity, or the dry of the desert, so I need to just take the beauty I’ve got and live with it joyfully.

5.  This week I went on a field trip with J’s class – we went cross-country skiing and had a science lesson along the way.  It was my first time on skis in a couple of years, which is really too bad, because I love to cross-country ski.  Hope to get to do more of it over the next few weeks.

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3 thoughts on “5 ON FRIDAY – BARNS

  1. juls2000

    I love your barn photos! Also, the update is great!

  2. what beautiful photos!!

  3. Wow, what gorgeous photography!!

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