Time for another check in on my proactivity levels.  I’ll just click off a few areas here:


Got a little something done.  A different process than I’ve used before – last weekend I gathered my supplies, and made a couple of embellishments I had in mind.  This weekend (yesterday) I put it all together.  Total cost to me:  52 cents to get the photo printed in 4×6 (which I ended up using and cropping) and 5×7 because that’s what I usually do.

So, here it is:

I’ve got some criticism of it already – title isn’t as straight as I first thought, the cardboard pocket is a bit bigger than I’d like – but it’s close to what I envisioned.  It is a color combo that I’ve always enjoyed, and for having a photo of me on it, well, I knew perfection wasn’t going to be achieved.  For the first page in many months, I’m not complaining.


I heard something in today’s sermon that go along with my interpretation of Proactivity.  

“Better to know because you can do something about it.” 

That was presented relative to the need to recognize our own sin, and it is true there.  But it is true in other areas too.

This week I was able to keep to my feeling of being called to be an encourager – sent out notes and made encouraging comments.  And got wonderful beautiful feedback on that.

But I’ve come to a question on a spiritual level – What is it that’s not getting fulfilled that drives me to crave a sense of being heard?  Time to spend some time thinking and praying on that.  I often feel unheard, but I can’t think of what has driven me to have that be so important in my life.  I know in my head that God hears me, knows all my thoughts and prayers, and understands me.  But that doesn’t feel like quite enough connection.  Troubling, but now that I recognize it I can begin to do a little something about it.


Um, this is chugging along.  Not anticipating any sudden directional changes.  Goal of being debt free and living such that we can give to others continues.  I did a pretty good job of staying within my food budget when grocery shopping, but had a few other little unexpected.  For the month I’m under the average needed to meet my goals, but this week I thought I was going to do even better.


Big strides here – jog-walked 3 miles this morning, and most of it was actually jogging!  Doing weight watchers points system with clean living – started this morning.  I’ve got food in the oven to make lunches this week easier and I’ve got a menu plan started.  Hopeful in so many ways, but admit that after so many failures in this, I’m nervous. 

Seems that a year after getting a full-time job I still haven’t figured out how to keep exercise in my daily routine.  That has to change.   One day is a step in the right direction, but I need to bite the bullet and either get up earlier in the morning or do it as soon as I get home from work. 

So, that’s the less than thrilling up-date on proactivity for me.

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4 thoughts on “MORE PROACTIVE

  1. That tag on your page is amazing!

  2. juls2000

    I love your page!! It’s beautiful!!

  3. your layout is gorgeous! 🙂

  4. love your page! great embellishments.

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