unfortunately, that is where I am today.  I usually work hard not to put that kind of thing on my blog, but right now maybe blogging about it will help my attitude.

My perspective this morning may be a bit warped because my sleep last night was . . . shall we say less than peaceful.  Two things contributed to that:

1.  I went to bed with a work issue on my mind.  The issue is small, but the way it is being handled is frustrating.  That kept my mind busy trying to re-work things and find a way to communicate my difference of opinion in a way that isn’t defensive or accusing.

2.  To be awakened at 1 a.m. by a young cat jumping around and scurrying and playing is one thing – and the loss of sleep can cause grumpiness.  To realize that what she’s playing with is not the typical Nerf dart that she loves so much, but a dead field mouse, well, that’s a whole other thing.  Although Andy disposed of the mouse right away, every time she jumped up, or tried to sneak under the covers all night long my heart raced, and the throw-up factor emerged!  Yuck, yuck, yuck.

So, my mind had no rest last night, and I’m off to fight the urge to bite of everyone’s head.  If I didn’t have a meeting scheduled for the mid-day I’d call in sick and go back to bed – with Sophie locked out of my room for sure.

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