I was visiting over at Rebecca Sower’s blog where she had a theme of winter white.  Check it out here, it really is beautiful.

This is my collection of winter white.

Funny thing is, I had a different collection of winter white.  I spent quite a bit of time preparing dinner tonight of white chicken chili and biscuits.  And I took the time to photograph the whites – two different flours, white beans, chicken breast.  Oh, it was such a creative way to show a warm winter white meal.

I felt so proud of my creative interpretation of a theme.

And after dinner I went to download the photos so I could up-load them for you.

Guess what.

Yep, you got it.

No card in camera.

So, you got these photos of winter white instead because it will be awhile before I make that meal again.

Hope you enjoyed the substitute post.

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  1. beautiful photos! but, oh, what a bummer. i did that once – and immediately changed my camera to not shoot w/out a card!

  2. oh, man! What a bummer, Susan!

    I absolutely enjoyed your substitute photos, though. You live in such a beautiful place!

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