By now you’ve probably realized

that you have a distinct choice to make:

just let life happen, which is tantamount

serving God your leftovers

or actively run toward Christ.

Francis Chan


Read that last night in the book CRAZY LOVE, which I’m proactively trying to finish since I borrowed it from one of my pastors almost a year ago and it would be polite to return it sooner rather than later.

I think that quote really says a lot – if you just react to life what you have left for God and other priorities is basically leftovers.

I’m motivated not to leave just leftovers for important matters.  Frankly I know how little energy and enthusiasm I have leftover at the end of most days, and serving that to God or my husband or my child or some of my passions would be such an insult.

This week I did pretty well at proactively progressing through the taxes (hope to be almost done by the end of the day) and getting Andy’s billing done.

My parenting saw some good proactivity too – and if a week is any measure, I’m seeing a bit of a leap in quality and effectiveness of certain (not all) communications with J.

I was also proactively focused at work.

The places I struggled with it most were my marriage relationship and my care for my body.  Fortunately my marriage is generally strong.  And this week it’s not that some horrible damaging event happened because of leftovers, it’s just that we had very little opportunity to interact with one another – there just weren’t very many leftovers this week.  But I want to proactively cultivate a form of “better” with my husband.  I dream of he and I having something noticeably special.  Not in the “Haha, we’ve got a better marriage than you” way, but in a way that people notice something different – a unity, a passion for each other, a team status.  In a way that we feel connected on a more consistent basis rather than feeling like we are going in the same direction but on non-connecting parallel paths.

And as for being proactive about my body, just have to do it.  Menu plan the clean eating so when I’m hungry the solution is already determined for me.  When I need to grab lunch to take to work it’s all there for me to quickly put in my bag and go.  Then I need to exercise.  Just get my body moving.  I’ve got all sorts of “plans” for that, but I haven’t done them.  This week that was probably because I’ve allowed the taxes to take all my time.  In hindsight, perhaps I was so stressed about not letting the taxes stress me by getting them done that I allowed working on them to use proportionally more time than it should have.  Would it have killed me to take two weeks to accomplish the same progress, but taken an hour to exercise each evening?

It’s all a learning process.  One week into my year with proactivity, I’m pretty happy.  Work to do, but progress was made.

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  1. you’re off to a great start!! 🙂

  2. Susan Beth, I am glad you had a week of moving toward your goal! I love the pics of your son sledding. 🙂

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