GASP . . . . GASP . . . GASP . . .

Those gasps are the sound of my coming up for air in between sessions on the computer doing accounting type work.

I suck at accounting.

But at least once a month it takes over my life as I do Andy’s billing.  That would be what was accomplished with great stress and a few short-tempered words tonight.

And this week I’m also gathering, updating, and making sure we are ready to send stuff off to the accountant for taxes.  We have to do our rendering unto Caesar soon!

This flurry of accounting activity is part of being proactive.  Usually I just wait until the last-minute, finding so many other more enjoyable things to do – like scrub the toilet and help a friend slop pigs.

But that procrastinating causes me so much stress as the deadline approaches and I’m scrambling to find every shred of evidence of how much money we made and what it cost us to make that money.  Oh the joys of being in business for ourselves.

By the way, this photo is of a moose.  Best picture I got – all the others are pretty much the big butt of the animal.  Still was great to see a moose close enough to get a photo.

I can’t handle that procrastination stress anymore – it is hard to find things to do so I can ignore the responsibilities.  So by the end of this week I’m hoping it will be almost completely done – just have to wait for the arrival of a statement or two that got lost and copies were ordered.

Then it’s a quick email to the accountant and from there on out it is between Andy and the accountant to figure how much we owe and how we’ll pay it.

And I’ll be able to breathe without gasping!

Then I’ll tackle getting the Christmas stuff put away – yes, the stockings are still hung by the chimney with care, and the contents of my stocking are in a less than neat pile on the floor in front of the couch.  Right now, while doing accounting duties, the only thing in the house I clean is the kitchen – sometimes.

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2 thoughts on “GASP . . . . GASP . . . GASP . . .

  1. Elizabeth L

    Well congratulations on tackling the accounting! I know what a bear it can be for you! I still haven’t put Christmas away either, and I don’t have a good proactive excuse, I’ve just been lazy. Love you!

  2. No worries…my Christmas stuff is still up too…although I probably have a decent excuse…A WHOLE LOT has been happening at our house since Christmas! (Sigh)
    Wish we could ALL get together and craft! I miss me some good-crafty-girl-time!

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