HI HO HI HO . . .

It’s off to the regular routine of work I go.

This is hard after a couple of weeks of working from home, checking in with the office, and really working fewer hours.  Gotta get my brain around day in and day out at the office.  Time to get my head back in the game of being productive.

Loved that time off!

And I feel like I’ve had some changes in my thinking the last couple of weeks.  New priorities.  Different approaches. 

That proactive stuff I spoke of in my last post.  How do those play at work?  What will my bosses think of that? 

There might even be a little fear that some of those changes will fade away going back to the “old routine.”  I’ll be working on how to incorporate those into daily life at work.

Prayer is needed, I know.

Makes me wish the days as a stay-at-home.  What a luxury that was, and I didn’t appreciate it!

But I don’t want to run-away from my life as it is, so onward!

Photo above was taken as we were driving home from town after church and errands yesterday afternoon.  True January in South West Montana!  Looks pretty grey, but that’s the way it was.  Good thing I like grey.

Have a great start to your week.

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4 thoughts on “HI HO HI HO . . .

  1. good luck to you and here’s to a fabulous 2011.

  2. That is a beautiful photograph! Wishing you the best in 2011!

  3. Wow, that picture is just spectacular! I love the clouds, especially.

    I can relate to the tough transition back to work, Susan Beth! Going back to the rigors of teaching after 16 days off is a bit rough. Hopefully I won’t lose my voice this time! Good luck keeping up your resolve.

  4. hope you had a great first day back! getting back into the routine is always rough…happy new year!

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