J can ski/board for free at Big Sky Montana, so we made time to get he and a friend up there last Thursday.  Hope to get him up there again at least once before school starts back up.  May be a challenge though because we’re supposed to have a couple of days of wind and snow, followed by highs in the near zero to low single digits.

As the year is drawing to a close I’m thinking evaluative thoughts and goal setting for next year.  It’s sort of like nesting in a way – just comes and settles into my soul.  Motivation is here temporarily for things like getting the business and household books up to date for tax purposes.  Have to capitalize on that feeling, because I promise you  it is fleeting – sometimes just a few hours, but max a day or two.  If I don’t get it done while the feeling is here then it will be pure drudgery in no time at all.

I’m also considering a word theme for next year.  This is something I have not always been excited about, but Ali Edwards has highlighted this idea for a number of years, and this year a word came to mind.  I’m going to research it a bit before I reveal it to make sure I know what I am committing myself to.  So in a day or two I’ll share it here.

I’m pretty excited about some plans for next year’s holidays!  On Christmas day my brother and his wife and my husband and I determined that next year we will all travel to my aunt’s house for Christmas.  This is something my family did every year growing up.  My aunt lives very near Yosemite, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. 

It’s like going home! 

I can’t wait! 

Just thinking of the smell of  the fires in the stove (they burn oak that is native to that area) can motivate me to save my pennies to make this whole adventure do-able. 

We’ll be bringing a new baby with us (my brother’s, not mine, so don’t take this as some sort of announcement, cuz I’m gettin’ too old!), 

I can’t wait!

Oh, I already said that.

Still, I really can’t hardly wait.

But I guess given the nature of time, I’ll have to.

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One thought on “THE PAST FEW DAYS OF FUN

  1. The ski shots in black and white are so great! Especially the first one. Gorgeous!

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