At least by my local clock there are still 11 days.  I see that WordPress is a few hours ahead of me time wise, but trust me, it’s still the 14th here as I type.

Christmas seems so far away and yet to be breathing down my neck.  Perhaps that is because for the first time in years I’m working full-time during Advent.  But, the fact remains, here I am with a list of things to do, bake, make, wrap, purchase, write, mail, deliver in person, and I know the deadline is going to sneak up to me!

I’m working with glitter, spray paints and washes, and old book pages today.  Tomorrow it will be copper wire, brass wire, a few beads, cardboard, embossing powder and paints.  Hopefully when I’m done I’ll have teacher gift and some family gifts completed.

But I also need to work with sugar, butter, and flower tomorrow.  And chocolate and nuts and more butter.  Baking is also on the list.  Almond Rocca (I did find and buy a candy thermometer) and shortbread.  No fudge this year.  Too much to do everything, and I’m thinking the other two recipes are easier and go farther.

More than anything I need to prepare my heart.

The sermon mentioned in the last post has been mulling around in my mind.  Combine those thoughts with my interactions this afternoon with those who are hurting deeply in emotional ways, and an observation of how damaging we can be to one another as humans.  Suddenly, I have a whole lot to process.  And I sense in a deep and humbling way our profound need for Jesus to bring us forgiveness.  Our desperate need for the comfort of the Holy Spirit to balm our wounds.  Our basic need for the guidance of a Father who loves us despite our straying ways.

Thank God for Christmas, the fullfillment of promises and the bringing of what really are the essentials of a joyful life.

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