This is what it looked like when I went out to walk this evening.  But it was only about 20 degrees, which you can’t necessarily see in the photo.

I find over and over again that knowing a situation, whether bad or good, makes it so much easier for me to deal with.

Today that was reinforced.

I researched something about property taxes relating to inheritance issues, and found some good and some bad. 

But I also found peace. 

So much more peaceful to know the situation and be able to prepare for its implications rather than to be unsure and jumping all around in my thoughts to figure it out.


J is excited about some of his knowledge too.

He got an A on his math test two days ago – not an A-, but a straight A.

He got an A- on his Latin test yesterday.

Sad part is he said with Latin that it was because his teacher has been giving nice grades lately.

He still doesn’t get it that he is capable of earning those kinds of grades.

We’re working on adjusting his attitude about this kind of issue.

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3 thoughts on “KNOWING HELPS

  1. Leslie Moradi

    Everytime i look at your blog and you have posted pictures of where you live i am stunned at how lucky you are to be living where you live. It is breathtakingly beautiful- I’ve always wanted to comment but just keep lurking. We live in a beautiful country–
    Hope your family drama is calming down. I have mine too–
    you are not alone.
    Leslie Moradi
    Studio Calico Lurker

  2. gorgeous photos!

  3. wow! those pictures are soo breathtaking

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