This is what happened Monday morning – and all day Monday.

Now, it’s under 20 degrees outside at 6 p.m., meaning we have left the long beautiful lingering fall of 2010 and begun the winter. 

It was bound to happen, so no complaints.

But I will miss the golden fall – the mildest fall on record in Montana.

This beautiful little girl has been with us almost a year now.

She’s not so small.

But we still call her “Little.”

She still is little. 

And cute. 

And squawky.

And stubborn as all get out.

I haven’t taken many photos lately, which accounts for my lack of blogging.

But I’ve had an up-tick in my crafting, and may have something to share in the next few days.

I miss my days as a stay-at-home, because if I was at home I’d have more photos and more crafts to share.

But I have a good job, and I love it.

It’s just that some days I wish I could stay home and do home things.

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One thought on “SOME UPDATES

  1. if i had that snow, i’d want to stay in and snuggle up w/ that cute kitty. =)

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