We haven’t had very cold weather yet, but it is November now, and time to be really expecting it.

Halloween is just about over, trick-or-treating is done, and now, Andy and J are carving the pumpkin. 

Guess we were busy the last couple of days.

The Giants won again tonight, and this is really the first ever World Series I’ve ever really followed.  I’m for the Giants, so this is a good one for me to actually pay attention to, don’t you think.

J is hounding his dad about wanting a shotgun.

Its one of those situations that establish just how stubborn J can be – he can ask and be told to wait, and ask again 1/2 an hour later as if weeks or months have gone by since he last asked.  And he’ll ask again in a few minutes. 

One of those things that show that at 10 he just isn’t a fully matured young man.

Tomorrow is a day off for J, and I have to work part of the day and go to parent-teacher conferences.  J can use the extra rest to catch up from football season.

Oh, by the way, his team had their first defeat yesterday to close out the season.  They were playing another undefeated team, and the score was close.  It was an intense game.   All-in-all a great season, but we are all tired and ready for some weekends where we don’t have to get up early for football on Saturdays.

We’ve committed to no team sports until baseball in the spring.  We just need the break, and J needs afternoons of homework and relaxation instead of rushing around to get to practice, rushing home to do homework and eat a late dinner, and then crawling into bed exhausted. 

So for the next few months we have a nice relaxing schedule.

Remind me I said that when I’m complaining about how busy we are in a month or so.

Happy November 1!

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3 thoughts on “HERE COMES NOVEMBER

  1. Cari

    What beautiful photos you have on you blog!

  2. These photos give me butterflies. Lovely!

  3. what gorgeous photos!

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