Honestly, I can’t remember if I blogged last weekend or since then, or what.  I want to be a more frequent blogger, and now have a stash of photos that will allow that – because what is a blog post without a photo?

The fall colors in the Gallatin Valley have been the best we’ve experienced since we moved here.  Usually by now we’ve had snow or hard freezes and that destroys the color, leaving everything a dull grey.  This year has been very warm, and allowed the colors to just shine.

But, as I’m typing the rain is coming down, and snow is predicted by tomorrow evening.  So what I got photos of this weekend is probably the last of the color for us.

J has one game left in his first season of tackle football.  We are all ready for the schedule to be easier.  Although he likes the game and his team experience, he is tired.  Most Saturdays he has to be up and out the door pretty early to get to his game, and he’s ready for some sleep-in days.

This is one of his glory moments for the season – he was in on a sack of the other team’s quarterback.  This was quite a game yesterday.  Both teams came to the contest undefeated.

And, as you know, only one team could leave undefeated.

Well. . . fortunately for us, J is both a good winner and a good loser in his attitude.  So, when they won the game yesterday there wasn’t a lot of bragging or showing off.   Even though we beat them 26 to 7. 

J played defense this game, for the first time.  Usually he’s just special teams and offensive live, but for some reason they worked him in on the defense.  Since he’s a bit small for the team, and he’s new to the league, he doesn’t play every play for sure.  Yesterday was his greatest amount of playing time, I think.

Only one game left, and it is against the only remaining undefeated team – so, it is sure to be another great game.

Tomorrow (Monday) Andy will be 4 weeks out from his surgery.  He’s doing great! 

He’ll “celebrate” this 4 week milestone by being in trial tomorrow and the next day.  Ugh!

But he does have much to celebrate – he walked for a mile today around our field for the first time since surgery.  He used his cane, and it was a push for him, but he did it.  And, by a couple of hours later he was completely recovered.  His Physical Therapist says if he can recover within 24 hours he hasn’t “over done it.”  So, a mile is do-able.  I’m guessing he’ll be back out there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.  And I bet he adds to the distance pretty soon, because I know his brain is trained on the idea that he’s allowed to jog in another two or three weeks. 

He’s looking forward to that jogging, I guarantee it!  He’s just that way!

Me, not that way at all.  Walking – I enjoy.  Jogging or running . . . not so much. 

I can support Andy in his goal to run.  I can really.  But honestly, it is not something I fully understand.

Other bits of “news” from us:

  • I had a great week at work last week, gaining over 2.4 million in pledges – yes, you read that right.  It was a big week to get our fundraising to a point where we know we can build the education wing in time to occupy it next fall. 
  • A dear friend of mine emailed me with some news that is even better than the above – she and her husband have determined to restore their marriage after several years of being divorced.  Major kudos to the Retrovaille program through the Catholic church for helping them to get to this point.  It is so wonderful to see God’s hand in the restoration of the messes we humans get ourselves into.  It won’t be an easy situation, but I’m praying for them to be blessed for the effort they are willing to make.
  • J lost his glasses – it was bound to happen, you know.  Ten year old boy and a pair of glasses is an absolute set up for lost glasses.  We were pretty sure they were at school from his Tuesday afternoon change into football gear.  But Wednesday’s search revealed nothing.  By Thursday I was steaming – glasses are not cheap, and this is just not the time to have an extra expense.  So I put the pressure on – find them or no football.  Guess what – found them in the bottom of the school lost and found tub.  Safe and sound.  If that is the biggest drama of the week, well, aren’t we blessed!
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One thought on “WHEN DID I LAST BLOG?

  1. I enjoyed catching up with you through your blog my friend! So glad to hear that Andy is healing well!!! Your pictures are amazing as always!!! Go J!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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