Ten on 10-10-10

It’s the end of the 10-10-10 day, and I’ve got tens for you!  Ten photos, ten J faces, and ten thoughts.

THOUGHT ONE:  The beautiful face of my boy is now decorated with glasses.  He chose the frames all by himself.  In the week and two days since he got them they’ve grown on me.  What gets me is that they aren’t just for fun or temporary.  It is a long-term change in his appearance.  I like the look, but it is a change.  Makes him look older, more serious, and more style aware.  Not my little boy anymore.

THOUGHT TWO:  I’ve finally got a few weekends in a row without huge commitments, and I can already feel the pressure to book them up.  One of the events trying to invite it’s way into my calandar is a great sounding mini-retreat at church.  I would really like to go, and at least three ladies asked me if I was going today at church.  I want to say yes, but . . . I am nervous about putting a Friday night to Saturday event into the schedule.  I’ll have to make a decision soon.

THOUGHT THREE:  I tried a bit of crafting this weekend.  I had this idea for Christmas cards, and I wanted to give it a try.  It was a technique involving sprays and canvas and stamping with a hope at getting a resist effect going.  It didn’t work the way I planned.  I got a few pretty blends of sprays, but the resist did not work the way I wanted.  However, I accidentally used some glitter when I thought I was sprinkling embossing powder, and I liked what I got.  May have to explore that more in the near future.

THOUGHT FOUR:  Andy is doing well with his rehab after the surgery.  He gets tired in the mid-afternoon, and needs a rest/nap.  Not always possible at the office, but on the weekends he’s really able to take advantage of meeting his need.  He picked up a cane this weekend – the physical therapist advised that he do that because it will help him not lean too much into the surgery side of his body.  The incision is healing well, and his pain levels are significantly decreased from before the surgery.  Overall he’s glad he did this.

THOUGHT FIVE:  I read on another blog that Christmas is only 11 weeks away.

That is just plain scary!  Ugh!

THOUGHT SIX:  I did a senior photo shoot yesterday morning, and so far I’m pleased with what I’m seeing of the results.  I like doing those, but this one was the son of a friend, and my friend came.  That was fun!  And he was game for a good location – bridge over the Gallatin River.  It was early  morning, and we had fun.

THOUGH SEVEN:  I think our summer like weather is going to be leaving soon.  J is praying for snow – he loves snow!  I’m sure he’s in the minority, as most people feel we’ll have plenty of opportunities for snow as the winter comes.  But J says he’s just happier with snow on the ground.  He talks about looking forward to seeing the “shimmer of the moon on the snow on the ground.”  Cracks me up when he talks so romantic about things like snow.

THOUGHT EIGHT:  There are so many people to pray for.  In the last three days I’ve run into several situations where people I really care about are distressed.  Sometimes people are hurting each other with their words, which makes me so sad – especially when it is happening between two friends ofmine.  Sometimes it’s bad decisions on the part of someone I’ve come to care so much about, and that is so frustrating, because as sad as it is, it isn’t really appropriate to comfort the person who is digging their own pit.  And sometimes it just seems so random that people are going through challening times.  It is so easy to say I will pray for people, but I so much want to really do the praying.  Keeping track of all the needs can be overwhelming.  But I feel it is so important not to just say I’ll pray and then not follow through.  Sometimes I just have to shoot little prayer arrows up as things come to my mind.

THOUGHT NINE:  How does any working mom keep her house clean?  I’m trying, but it is overwhelming.  Getting the laundry done, sweeping floors, cooking, doing dishes, putting stuff away around the house ate up my weekend.  But it all had to be done.  I need an extra 5 or 6 hours a week.  But, it isn’t going to happen.

THOUGHT TEN:  I think I’m out of thoughts.  Some who know me well know that is unusaual.  Must be exhaustion from all that laundry, sweeping, cooking and dish washing!

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One thought on “Ten on 10-10-10

  1. Elizabeth

    Well I love the specs!! And the hair do! He definitely looks older, even from my pics of him two weeks ago. I’ll try to find some hours for you, I wish I could send you some from my days.

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