Surgery is done and successful!  I am super excited because they were able to do the resurfacing procedure instead of the replacement surgery.  As of this writing I haven’t seen Andy yet, but all reports are good, and I should see him within the hour.

Here are some photos from before the surgery this morning: 

 You can see he was in pretty good spirits.

Heck, they hadn’t even done anything but take his clothes away from him, and he was ready to check out to dream land!

Oh, they did replace his clothes withsome interesting little dillies.  Hehehehehehe!  They were pretty funny looking!

And the nurse had a few other things to entertain Andy with . . . I think he would rather have stayed asleep!

And off he went.  See you in a few hours handsome!

Thank you to all those who were praying for this!  God is good, and in this case what we wanted was apparently what he thought we needed.  Praise him!

Tomorrow will be a big day with getting up and walking and starting physical therapy.  If all goes well, he should be out of the hospital on Wednesday and we will be on our way back to Montana on Thursday.  It all seems so anticlimactic at this point, but I’m so glad to be in this position!

J, we love you buddy and can’t wait to get to see you on Thursday night.  Be super nice to Grandma, and get your homework done!

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3 thoughts on “SUCCESS!

  1. Michelle


  2. will say a prayer for your husband!

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