The long and short of it is I took some photos yesterday and wanted to share them – especially with J, and he isn’t with us and might want to see what we are up to.

So, without further ado, here is the scoop.

Yesterday we went to Beverly Hills. . . .

. . .

 . . .

by public bus. $6 round trip, and everything we did there (except eat) was free, so we thought it was a bargain.

As I mentioned on the previous post, we went to see the Photos of the Year 2009 at the Annenberg Space for Photography.  It was absolutely amazing!

We both loved it, and I fell in love all over again with the photojournalistic style of photography.

Not that I’m any good at that style, just that I love how it tells stories and shows relationships and educates the viewer about something.

Even Andy liked it, and I think it inspired him to want to take this photo.

Then we were off to a mall – it was hot, and we needed something affordable that would keep us out of the heat!

One thing that is all over this town is advertisements for this wonderful looking movie:  Legend of the Guardians.

Can’t wait for it to come to Bozeman so we can take J – probably a good family date if Andy’s recovery allows him to go soon!

At the mall was a grocery store – a very upscale grocery store.  Love the produce display.  The one disadvantage of living in Montana is the lack of truly wonderful produce displays!

There was also a wonderful collection of goat and sheep cheeses – important to our family as two of us do not do cow dairy, but love cheese.  But they were pretty pricey, and we had an hour-long hot bus ride back to the hospital, so I didn’t indulge – just loved to look!

Uh, yeah, looked at these too, but again, no imbibing! 


But the looking was good!

After we got back to the room, Andy watched some football, and I ran out to do some photos in the neighborhood.

It’s a very poverty-stricken neighborhood, and as I may have mentioned in the last post, we are usually the only white folks we see when we walk – yes, we walk or take the bus because we decided not to rent a car.  That has brought some amazing blessings, by the way!

So, these next few photos are last evening as the neighborhood was starting to transition from day activities to evening activities.

The Seton house, where we are staying is behind the hospital, and provides a beautiful little oasis from the harshness of the neighborhood.  The garden in front is shaded, green, full of blossoms, and just a breath of fresh air.  It reminds me very much of the Santa Clara University campus (where Andy and I went to law school).

I am surprised by the hilly nature of this area.  I always imagined that the L.A. proper neighborhoods were flat, with the well to do areas in the hills.  But some of these hills remind me of San Francisco.  Okay, not quite as steep, but still, the hills add something I didn’t expect.

This is a neighborhood where people sit on their stoops to stay cool.  I asked this man’s permission to take this photo, and he seems tickled that I would do that – and he liked seeing the result in the LCD screen on the camera.

There are an amazing number of street vendors as we walk down the road.

All of the buildings around here have bars – on the windows, on the doors, around the yard if there is any yard, everywhere.  The parking lots are fenced with spiked bars, everything.  The buildings mostly look like they were nice once, built in the 30s and 40s, but they have come into disrepair.

More later!  Keep those prayers coming!

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One thought on “MAJOR PHOTO DUMP

  1. Jennifer

    OK…seeing all these photos is making me VERY VERY VERY homesick!!! Glad that you had a chance to go about and take some photos of the local scenery….and as for the movie…I think you would enjoy it. We actually saw it this past weekend in L-town and it was a great family evening. (According to Caleb it was pretty good since it is a book series and he’s pretty skeptical when they make good books into movies) Anyway glad that things are going well!

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