than we expected – or at least than I expected!

I’ve observed many things I didn’t expect.

From the time we hit the ground at the airport people have been friendly.

We had an insanely crazy 1.5 hour drive in the shared ride van to the hospital late on Thursday night.  At one point I observed we were going 55 in a 35 mph zone.  We saw amazing neighborhoods.  I recognized streets like Sunset Blvd., Rodeo Dr., Wilshire Dr., and on and on.   At one point Andy and I were almost giggling with the insanity of the way the very friendly and nice, quite soft spoken driver navigated the streets.  We don’t need to go to Disneyland because we had a rollercoaster ride just from the airport to the hospital.  We were the last ones to be dropped off, and we walked into the hospital at about 11:30 p.m. local time. 

The accommodations are very nice – nothing fancy, but comfortable and adequate in all ways.  The grounds near the Seton House are very reminiscent of our days at Santa Clara University – shaded gardens, religious statuary, green lawns, and a very relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

The hospital is located in a hispanic neighborhood, so, when we walked around yesterday afternoon (after two doctors appointments, lab work and time with the hospital business office) we were the only “gringos” in sight.  But really, it wasn’t scary!  There is a vibrance to the neighborhood – people moving all the time, colorful displays on the street, old men sitting outside of businesses talking with animated hand gestures to help get their message across (since the message was in Spanish, it was lost on me, but they seemed very much to be enjoying time with each other).

The physicians and physicians assistants we met yesterday were charming and engaging.  Didn’t make us feel like we were in a surgery mill type situation.  The x-rays yesterday validated the absolute need to do this surgery – the doctor was shocked that Andy had run a triathlon sprint on that hip back in May.  But he was also encouraging that more tri-sprints could be in Andy’s future.  The PA for the orthopedic guy said that Andy’s fitness and overall good health, and his evident pain tolerance (because he waited so long to get the hip done and isn’t on narcotic pain killers for the pain) are factors that suggest he will have a quick recovery from this.  Only question is whether his joint cup is large enough for the resurfacing or if they will have to do a full hip replacement.  There is some question about that, but we’re prayerful he’ll get the resurfacing so he can remain active at high intensity levels.

I need to get my camera out of its bag and take some photos. 

Today we are off to the Annenberg Space for Photography (photos above downloaded from internet) to see what looks like a great display of photos from 2009.  It’s free to get in, and we are taking the bus to get there – looked into renting a car, but not really in the budget for us.  The Space for Photography is in a much more upscale neighborhood, so we are going to have some diverse experiences as we expose ourselves to L.A.

Now that I’ve got the internet connection done well, I hope to blog daily about our experience.

Thanks for making it all the way through this post.  Please pray for a safe and successful surgery for Andy, for safe travels for both of us, for J and his caretakers to have a good time and for J to get done all the school work things he needs to and not to be overwhelmed with anxiety.  We sure miss him, but feel like he is in good hands!

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One thought on “L.A. IS DIFFERENT

  1. Jennifer

    Seeing that first pic makes me miss home! Sigh! Good luck with the surgery…prayers your way!

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