You know that saying about how the cobbler’s children don’t have shoes?  Well, until yesterday, the attorney’s family didn’t have wills.

But we did it – all signed, witnessed, notarized.  It’s done!  A relief to my heart as Andy and I will get on a plane together and leave J behind.  My biggest concern in this life is that J have the best care.  Now, my wishes are official!  A special thanks to our church friends Steve and Denise for being willing to take him if the need ever arises.  It gives me peace to know that he will be with a Christian family who’s parenting style is so close to our own, and who he loves already.

Do not fear, we aren’t planning to die.  But it sure feels good to know we have been responsible.

Football is taking its toll on our boy – he’s tired after those practices.  Getting homework done is so hard!

We’ve found the best thing to do is get as much done before bedtime as possible and then get up early in the morning when he is rested and finish it out.

Just because we are crazy getting everything ready for our trip, Leo did this:

It must be his way of making sure we don’t forget him!

Not sure what he cut himself on, but it was deep and infected.  But the vet loves him, and we love him, so he’s all cared for and on his way to a good recovery.

Our checkbook, on the other hand, is hurting pretty bad from this incident!

Oh well.  Life goes one.

Andy and I leave for L.A. to get his surgery tomorrow (leave tomorrow, surgery on Monday).  Please pray for J as we are gone – he’s got some anxiety issues.  And pray for a good and successful surgery.  And safe travels too, even though we have wills in case something happens!

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