But I do have a prayer request.

On Saturday my work for the last few weeks comes to fruition with a community outreach event at the Story Mansion here in town.  We’ll have games and crafts and food. There will also be a Salvation Army Coat drive, some public service outreach by the local fire and police department, and more.  Hopefully we will also have quite a crowd.  Could you pray for good weather, at least a break even on the fund-raising, and a group of participants who are blessed by what we do?  Would really appreciate it. 

And, one week from today Andy and I leave for L.A. where he will have his hip resurfaced.  It will be quite a big event in our lives, and we need prayers!  Prayers that the surgery is successful.  Prayers that the recovery is smooth.  Prayers that financially we are able to handle the loss of hours at work and increase in medical bills that will happen in the short-term.  Prayers for the long-term to be an increase in energy for Andy as the level of pain decreases.  And prayers for J as he will be left behind in Montana with relatives to care for him.  It will be the longest we have ever been away from him, and we’ve never left him like this. 


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One thought on “PRAYER REQUESTS

  1. Susan Beth,
    Try to not worry. Andy will be just fine, I’m sure! And so will J. It’s good for us to “leave” them sometimes….you’ll be amazed how he’ll handle thins! As for work…good luck with it all (weather included) I’m sure that will be great too!
    Prayers for you and the family!! Hugs, too!

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