There are two people who have these eyes:

J and his aunt Elizabeth.

The other day we took some photos of J and his eyes really shine.  So deep and dark and shiny and beautiful.

No, I’m not bias, I’m just his mom!

Yesterday’s sermon really stuck with me (at least parts of it did).  It was the last in a series about King David, and it came out of 2 Chronicles 28 and 29.

There is a lot to learn. 

One of the things Pastor Jim pointed out is:  The common response to God’s call is fear: you need to be fearless to start what God calls you to, and courageous to finish it.

I want to spend some time applying that to my life.

What haven’t I started because I was afraid?

What am I putting off finishing because I don’t have the courage?

Art maybe.  Using a cluttered studio as an excuse not to do the things that run through my mind?  And believe me, there are many many projects running through my mind.

Encouraging people?  I have felt a call on my heart to be an encourager for years, and I go through spurts where I act on it.

Then, I get to thinking maybe people don’t want to hear from me. 

Maybe they will think I’m a pest interfering with their lives. 

Maybe my little blog comments to people I don’t even know will seem more like a nuisance than an attempt to offer supportive encouragement. 

Maybe my little notes of encouragement to friends will be taken as pointing out their struggles and not as an offer of hope.

This is the enemy talking, and I know it, but I succumb some times.

Proof of this came yesterday when a couple going through some extended family issues called to thank me for my note – it made them cry (in a good way).  I should have written that note months ago.  I put it off out of fear they would think I was butting into their private business.

Courage is required for parenting too.  Courage to do what is best for my child even when it is inconvenient and not what the rest of the world does with their children.  Courage to say no to T.V. shows.  Courage to sacrifice my comfort in order to provide a consistent schedule so my child can get his school work done in an organized manner instead of a fly by the seat of our pants catch as catch can manner.

I’m such a fly by the seat of my pants girl, and it usually works so well for me.

But it doesn’t work for my son.

I feel constrained by a schedule.

He feels safe and functions best with a schedule.

It takes courage to give up my freedom for the sake of my son.

I also think of my job, of course, where the school board has been very fearless in starting the building, and it is my job to act on courage to finish raising the money for it.  So easy to withdraw and make excuses as to why it is too hard to get all the needed money.  Much easier to be passive. 

But courage is required to get out there and raise 4.6 million dollars more! 

It’s not that I had given up. 

It’s not that I have assumed we couldn’t do it.

It’s more that I periodically find myself going through the motions of being busy without taking the time to really think of what action is required on my part to be the most effective at achieving the goal.

Time to choose the most effective route.  To be purposeful in each of my actions, remembering what the goal is and focusing on achieving it.

With that, I’m off to work to see if I can stop spinning my wheels and get something going that is tangible and working towards the goal.

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4 thoughts on “LOVE THOSE EYES!

  1. he really has beautiful eyes!

  2. Fear can be such a heavy burden. Cheers for letting go and stepping into the unknown…

  3. Denise

    I just took a few months to go through your recent postings. Your photographs take my breath away. Just gorgeous.

    And yes, your son has beautiful eyes. :o)

  4. Thanks for sharing your post!!! You are a special woman and you make a difference in people’s lives!!! I appreciate you!!!

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