Our big water play weekend (well, day and a half) included some fun for Andy too.

He took right to wake surfing a couple of years ago.  Although he still would prefer water skiing, that option wasn’t available – these new fancy schmancy boats are designed for wake boarding and wake surfing, and there was no water ski to be found.  But my guy wasn’t going to be denied an opportunity for fun.

In some ways it was like a last hurrah before getting his hip resurfaced at the end of the month.  He’ll be out of commission for these kind of activities for 9 or 10 months after that, so this was an opportunity not to be missed.

And you can tell it made him happy!

What is always so intimidating is to see the young people doing their tricks.  Here is a college senior who has been at the sport for about 4 or 5 years. 

Okay, I know those aren’t the most perfectly focused photos (I don’t really have the equipment to do that kind of photography well), but you got the idea!  He did a flip – several of them over the course of the “run.”  It was impressive and very fun to watch!

School and football both started today – more about that tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “HIM TOO!

  1. Leslie

    Looks like fun. My neighbors are big water ski family. The girls all compete. I’ll have to ask them about wake boarding. In high school we used to “hydroslide”. So fun.

  2. great photos! and WOW what a stunt – while i’ve flipped on a board before, it was not intentional 🙂

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