It was a rough weekend for our planned water play. 

Every year for the past 5 or so Labor Day weekends we’ve gone to Polson to play on boats and in the water with people from our old Bible Study group.  This year same folks, different location.  And we camped instead of stayed in a hotel.

J loved being in the water – what’s new there!  He wanted to learn to wake board, but the equipment there wasn’t the right size.  So, he wake surfed – on his belly – and did a bit of mild tubing.

And he loved it all!

He also got to stay an extra night past his parents to ride his bike, look through telescopes (like huge 18 inch wide lens telescopes) and learn to do geo-caching.

He stayed with some long time friends of ours, and while we knew he would be fine, we sure did miss him. 

Really miss him.

He got home about half an hour ago, and my heart has eased up and is so much more relaxed. 

I’m not generally a nervous momma, but this time it was just tough to not be with him.

He came home smelling of camp fire smoke and tired.  He’ll sleep well tonight, and probably sleep in tomorrow a.m.

Tomorrow is the last day of summer, with school starting on Tuesday, so I’m glad he got to play long and hard this weekend!

For those who are interested, there was fresh snow on the hills surrounding our home this afternoon.  So, summer is going to be a distant memory for lots of reasons at the rate we are going.

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3 thoughts on “WEEKEND WATER PLAY

  1. Great pics!! Looks like he had a blast.

  2. awesome photos…looks like a great time!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful last day of summer! I am also glad to hear that it is starting to get cool somewhere!

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