What makes you feel good? 

I’m feeling good about several things today.

First, I went out to the construction site for our new school campus this morning with two plates of oatmeal cookies for the workers.  They are moving a lot of rock right now, so lots of trucks on and off the property.  Plus some rollers and dozers to spread and take care of that rock.

Anyway, when I got there, and stood with my foil covered plates at the truck entrance, sure enough, the first guy stops.  He took three cookies, and got on his C.B. and announced my presence.  I stood there through a couple of trucks, then put the cookies on a trailer.  And as I was driving away, I saw more trucks stopping, drivers jumping out, and heading over to those cookies.

At the school we have a program where we will be taking sweets out to the construction site every Friday morning.  Just a way of letting the guys know we appreciate their work and want to have a good relationship with them.

It is so fun, and felt really good to be a part of that!

When J and I were at the mall looking for the book bag he wanted he reached up and held my hand as we walked down the mall.  Yep, in public. 

Funny, because just two or three nights ago, as we were drifting off to sleep, Andy commented about how nice it is that J does this and asking if I had noticed.

Of course I noticed!  My momma’s heart is so excited about that!

We got a gift given to the school that is larger by more than two times than my annual salary.  That is a big deal! 

It was a 6 figure gift!

Now I feel like I’m worth what they pay me! 

Took 8 months to get there, but sure feels like I’m making a difference at this point.  Fundraising is not the hardest job in the world, but it does have some unique stresses, and not covering your own job costs with your productivity is one of them. 

For the rest of the year, every penny that comes in is just more icing on the cake from the “was it worth it to hire a development director” point of view.  The security that I have in knowing I’m not a drain on the non-profit budget of my employer at this point makes me feel really really good!

And it makes our ministry/school healthier!

God is doing some really great things at the school and I love having a front row view as he does!

I’ve got some “homework” to do later in the weekend for the school, but part of it is something I just can’t wait to get started on – it is going to be so fun!

We are having a family fun day at a historic mansion in Bozeman.  It is a great location.  One of the activities I want to do is a community art project.  And I have an idea of one that I believe I can get almost all of the supplies for free. 

I’m seeing a crazy quilt like piece but made with wood and lots of texture items (beans, rice, cotton, twigs) and some paint.

I need to make a proto-type this weekend so I can get other people as excited about it as I am.  The community project will be a minimum of 8 feet by 4 feet.  My sample will be more like 4 feet by 2 feet. 

When I get it done I’ll put a photo here so you can see how my brain is working.

These feel good moments have been brought to you by photos from my garden (such as it is).

Proof that neglect does not eliminate the possibility of beauty in the garden.

You just have to take close-up photos so the weeds blend in to the background so that they are not noticed.

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One thought on “FEEL GOOD FRIDAY

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m glad you got your cookies made and that they were so appreciated!

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