On Monday evening we went fishing on the Gallatin – down south of here, and even south of Grandpa and Grandma’s house.  We took John, who was enjoying his last week before college starts again.

 J sure admires John.  Notice J is wearing his A’s hat.

Which, by the way, he had earlier in the summer declared was too small, and he’d not be wearing it anymore.

Any guesses why it was suddenly back in favor?

Yeah, because his big cousin had one on.

Andy was the support man as usual, getting gear set up for J and I.  He did a little fishing himself too, but mostly he was in the river with J.

I was a bit nervous about wading, with my arm still vulnerable.

The river wasn’t wild and crazy at this point, but keeping balance takes the whole body.  I left my camera in the car, knowing that it would be a very sad day if it went under with me.

I fished for probably 45 minutes to an hour, and I noticed that I was getting tired.  Even though I’m right-handed, and not using my injured arm to cast, it was getting tired, just being used as I kept my body in balance.

But then relief came.

And it was really kind of cute!

John was fishing up river from me, and he walked on down right after I had hooked into a fish, but it got away because I wasn’t fast enough switching the rod to my left (injured) hand and reeling in quickly.

Anyway, John had just caught a fish and nobody was there to see it.  He asked me if I had my camera because he planned to catch another, and wanted a picture for his MOTHER!  So cute! 

For his mom!

He’s like 20, but he wanted his mom to see him catch a fish!

Sorry, Mike, he didn’t say anything about “for my dad.”

Maybe next time.

So, I had a good excuse to get off the river, head back to the car and get my camera.  It was getting kind of dark, but I figured it was worth a shot.

And he was so certain he would catch another fish.

But he didn’t.  So, I made him get off the river and let me get a close up photo of him for his mom anyway.

The we all got off the river and went to Stacy’s to have a burger and enjoy the late dinner.  Gotta love those “matchy matchy” boys!

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One thought on “ON THE RIVER

  1. Betsy

    Love the pictures! Thanks!! The “twins” are adorable!! Betsy

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