I’m sprinkling this post with photos of old scrapbook pages – all probably displayed before, but I came across all of them last night.  You’ll get that as you read.

Yesterday was a wonderful productive day!  One like I haven’t had in a long time.  Realizing how much I got done (oh, yes, I will list it all for you before this post is done) reminded me of how sick I was last year and how I got almost nothing done. 

Yesterday was a mile-stone in that I feel like for the first time in over a year I functioned at the level I used to function at regarding productivity. 

That, my friends, is so worth celebrating!

So, what did I do?

Little stuff like:

  • Make muffins (clean eating muffins);
  • five loads of laundry – like not just wash and dry, and dump on the bed to be folded later,  but folded and put most of it away!  It is amazing how many towels we use!

  • Swept the floors – we have a lot of hardwood!
  • finished painting the entrance with chalkboard paint – yes, that was something on my list from a post or two ago!  Now just have to wait three days and then cover it with chalk, erase, and use!  So far it looks pretty good!  Even got all the drop cloths, rollers, paint pans, etc put away!
  • Finished most of the details in the bathroom upstairs – got the switch plates on, scrubbed the sinks, put away all the tools and painting stuff that had accumulated in there, scrapped the paint off the glass (yes, I’m a messy painter).  I even remembered to have Andy get a towel rack at Home Depot.  He didn’t put it up yet, but that’s coming!  And since I did the laundry, the matching towels are all ready to hang in there!  Another chore from the list posted earlier.
  • Talked with my brother and sister-in-law as they dropped their daughter off to stay the night with J.  They went to a wedding, we threw the kids in a tent outside.  Worked out well for everyone!
  • Did a mini-photo session with J in his football gear.
  • Walked three miles (included a couple hundred yards of jogging, but mostly walked).
  • Cooked clean meals – and cleaned the kitchen right away!
  • Did my physical therapy.

  • Began to clean my scrapbooking room – this is a huge chore, but I got some progress.  I got the floor pretty much picked up.  I got inspired to do some reorganizing.  Instead of making this a room where I can have three or four people join me, I’m going to make it more for me.  I don’t get scrapping guests very often (been over a year), and making room for guests who don’t come means everything is shoved away and a challenge to get to.
  • When cleaning the scrapping room I found a stack of about 40 pages that needed to go into albums.  So I put them away.  Which required that I get out all the books, since I scrap in random order, but I try to store in chronological order.  This was a several hour task since it included lots of moving pages around in the albums and adding pages to albums.   Sadly, this is the closest I’ve come to actually scrapbooking in months and months!  Need to get on that!

  • As I was going through all those pages I realize I can tell right where I got sick last year because there are only a small handful of ’09 pages, and no ’10 pages.  I pretty much stopped scrapbooking when I was ill, and I haven’t gotten back to it because I’ve been so overwhelmed ever since (recovering, new job, broken shoulder, etc.)
  • So, I made a vow to myself to get to scrapping photos like this:

(from last summer).

  • And I ordered J’s clothes for school – 5 pairs of pants, 9 shirts, and one vest.  Now we just need to get some school shoes and socks, and we’re done.  We’ve got jackets already thanks to generous hand-me-downs from relatives and church friends.  Same with play clothes for this fall!

If you stayed with me this long, thank you!  I’m a little wierd with how good I feel about such a productive day.  Maybe you usually get that much and more done in a day, but really, for me it has been a long time since I had a day so productive.  And I was afraid today my energy would just crash, but it hasn’t – at least so far!  I feel like I might have a chance to get my old self back after more than a year.   

That is cause for celebration and praising God!

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  1. Elizabeth

    Congratulations!!! You did alot!! Especially considering your shoulder. I think you accomplished more than most people can get done in a whole weekend of focused chores.

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