I don’t know about you, but I found that once I got out of college and then law school, the whole back-to-school and anticipation of the fall sort of became different.  I used to get so excited in August about new clothes, new organization, new challenges, it was always like a fresh start.  I’d have lots of goals (OFTEN UNREALISTIC) and all sorts of romantic ideas about what life would be like after this new start.

I was great at deluding myself.

Well, with my new job at the school . . .

it’s back! 

Delusions and all!

My mind is thinking of all the tasks I need to get done before school starts so that life will be organized and perfect.

I’ve got ideas about scheduling my days – when to clean house, when to exercise, what to eat, how to build in time for fun activities.

And it is all just as unrealistic as ever.

But it makes me so happy!

So excited!

So goofy.

Want to see some of what I’ve got planned? 

Well, I’ll show you anyway.

Things to do before school starts on September 7:

  • Finish painting the chalkboard paint at entrance to house from garage (a project I was almost done with before I broke my shoulder).  Needs one more coat, a three-day rest, and then a layer of chalk before I can decorate it with fall leaves and images.
  • Put the light switch plates up in the second floor bathroom, and get some towel racks for it so we can use that bathroom for showering again.
  • Clean my scrapbooking room – this will take a whole day all by itself!  But finding a whole day is hard because of the next item.
  • Go camping or on some other summer adventure every weekend before school starts to make good use of our fun time.
  • Finish processing all the photos from our Tahoe trip back in June.  I’m more than half way done, and just need to do this in the evenings.
  • Convert us to completely “Clean Eating” and find lots of fun fall recipes for this.  We did go a whole 4 weeks with no white sugar in the house, but then for the boys sleep-over I bought some so Andy could make “regular pancakes.”
  • Install the threshold plate between the dining room and kitchen – but this involves first using the wood burning set to decorate it the way we imagined.
  • Paint the door to the basement with some funky graffiti style Bible verses and lots of swirls and texture – I’ve put this off as the reward household project until I get all my other home improvement projects done because this is the most creative and free-form of the projects I want to get done.  I even bought some cool Prima/Donna Downey huge swirl stamps to get this project going!
  • Clean and re-organize my desk at work so it is more presentable.  This involves purchasing some organizing stuff, like pencil holder, book-ends and a filing drawer.  Because my office is in the school library, I just have a table for a desk, with no drawers.  But over the past 7 months I’ve accumulated too much stuff to neatly keep it on top of the table anymore.
  • Get into the habit of getting up 45 minutes earlier to walk-run.  Started this morning, with a three-mile run/walk.  I did pretty well, and it doesn’t bother my shoulder (that much) to do this. 
  • Oh, and lose 50 pounds.  Yep, that is a clear example of the delusions setting in.  How about adjusting this to lose 10 pounds so my clothes fit better, and then gradually lose more so I can fit into some of those clothes I’ve got tucked away in the top of my closet.  My weight is really really bothering me right now, so this is a pretty high priority item amongst my delusional goals.

Believe me, I could go on and on and on with all the things that I’m suddenly motivated to do because its back to school.  It’s fun, and I really want to take advantage of all this motivation. 

So, best get off the computer and get going with my day!

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5 thoughts on “DELUSIONAL GOALS

  1. i’m totally the same way! my favorite part of “back to school” was getting all of my supplies and organizers ready, then sitting down after the first day of school with all the class schedules and syllabuses and putting everything on the calendar, with color coded highlighters, etc. loved that. i hope you can manage to meet all your goals!! good luck on the first day!

  2. Good luck with all your goals!! I’m loving the chalkboard paint from the garage to the house!!! What a fun idea!!! I love the beginning of school too…no kids of my own in high school this year, but a new beginning none the less!

  3. michelleR

    am the same way…will keep you and your goals in my prayers.

  4. I hope you can accomplish everything you set out to do! The chalk board paint sounds really cool!!

  5. Good luck on your list!!

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog writing such kind things. thank you.

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