Sophie is a beautiful cat.

I love her.

But she got into some trouble this past week.

I woke up one morning to a bad smell.

Honestly my first thought was “Oh man, I’ve got some bad body odor from wearing that sling!  Poor Andy has to sleep with a stinky wife.”

But after sniffing around a bit, I realized it was not me.

Whew!  That did a lot for my self-perception! 

But the smell was still bad.

So, I thought maybe it was Sophie.  I sniffed her, and nothing but sweet kitten smell. 

So it was a mystery.

But I was determined.  I began to pick up the decorative pillows that had been on the bedroom floor a couple of days because (here comes a huge confession), I don’t always put them back on the bed in the morning.

The source of the smell was revealed:  A DEAD AND DECAYING MOUSE was tucked under the bottom pillow.


I screamed and ran into the bathroom, while Andy disposed of the mess.

Andy commented that Miss Sophie had hid another mouse under there the week before, but Andy saw her, and got rid of it before it decayed and smelled.

Little Girl, as J calls her, is apparently a good mouser, and wants to save her tropheys.

But that is not the end of the story.

Two days later I stirred at 5:30 a.m., and noticed that Little Girl was quite active – running and jumping and pouncing and sliding across the hardwood floors. 

Then, suddenly from her paws a small grey item (with a tail) went flying into the air – above the height of our extra high bed.

Yep, she had another dead mouse.

Guess who got out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to dispose of it?

You got it, Andy.

I have a good husband, don’t you think!

And I’ve got a beautiful kitten.

I’ve also got a bit of a mouse problem.

Not a surprise since we live next to 1900 acres of field, and our house is close to 40 years old.

Good thing I have a cat who is a good mouser.

Now, I just have to convince her not to hide the tropheys – or at least not to hide them in my bedroom!

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One thought on “CAT AND MOUSE GAMES

  1. michelle

    Sophie is gorgeous!

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