It’s only Tuesday, but I feel like we’ve accomplished so much.

Our school’ s new building was given the go-ahead from the City Commission last night – a wonderful accomplishment.  And a personal accomplishment for me because I spoke on behalf of the school in the public hearing that was televised!  Amazingly I could still breathe.

All these photos were taken last week, and I love them.  But sad to say, today it there is a bit of fall in the air – I know it’s early, but the wind is blowing, and things are starting to dry out – although we do have thunder storms and rain coming down.

Found some yummy rosemary crackers today, and made some humus for my boy! 

He love humus! 

Even though he’s a picky eater, he likes humus. 

He doesn’t eat fruit, says he can’t do the wet texture. 

He can’t have ice cream because we’ve taken him off of cow dairy.  Hoping to get rid of the rashes in the winter, and the lost voice all year round.  Seems to be working already on the voice.  He’s been off for a month, back on for a week and lost his voice almost immediately.  Back off for a week, and voice is back. 

He misses the ice cream, and it is sad for him when he’s at camp and they have ice cream for snacks. 

But, my picky eater does like goat milk, and goat cheese (expensive tastes with that boy).  And he’s really a fan of avocado. 

Just a picky eater!

Even with my broken shoulder, I’m trying to get out and walk for 3 miles each day.  It’s hard to fit it in to the busy schedule this week.  What I really wish I could do is get out and ride my bike.  But the shoulder won’t hold up to that at this point.

I already finished and turned in Andy’s time sheets – a major accomplishment by only the 3rd of the month.  But I was up until almost 2 a.m. getting them done.

Hope there weren’t too many mistakes in my late night work.

Hope your week is humming along as well as ours!

I’ve got physical therapy starting tomorrow, the groundbreaking Thursday morning early, and then we’re camping for the weekend. 

Tomorrow is a big day to get things ready for the groundbreaking – put up the giant tents; pick up the sound system; get the food picked up; print the programs; set up the tables; get thank you gifts ready; finish the details of the “Name That Street” contest; and make the display with the building plans. 

Whew!  it’s crunch time! 

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2 thoughts on “PROGRESS!

  1. michelle

    Congratulations! Sounds like you’re doing a great job!

  2. Congratulations! And beautiful flower photos!

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